Rice Estate

Project Details

Project was for a new 44-bed, approximately 48,000 square foot assisted living Town Center and Neighborhood. The Town Center consists of a kitchen, administration, therapy gym, and multipurpose spaces. The Neighborhood houses the residents. MECA provided HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection engineering design and construction administration services.

Rooftop packaged gas packs provide air conditioning and gas heat to the Town Center. The kitchen is provided with exhaust hoods and modular fan package for exhaust and make-up air. The commercial dryers are exhausted through the roof with make-up air. Variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems were provided for the neighborhood, with a dedicated outside air system. Residents can control their space temperature from a ductless ceiling mounted cassette. Plumbing consisted of sanitary waste and vent, domestic hot and cold water, and roof drainage systems.

Areas served include the administrative offices and support facilities for the residents including a commercial kitchen with sanitary and grease systems, a commercial laundry, a beauty shop, and substations for food preparation. Each resident room has private bathroom facilities. Hot water production for resident and public toilet facilities is provided by gas fired water high efficiency Rinnai tankless water heaters through a circulating system. A separate hot water system with a gas fired tank type water heater serves the kitchen and laundry. Piping systems provide natural gas for hot water production, kitchen equipment, and the laundry dryers. The entire facility is fully protected by a fire sprinkler system designed in accordance with NFPA 13 standards for a commercial system. The system included both wet pipe and dry pipe systems. Sprinkler heads included semi-recessed as well as concealed type in areas with finished ceilings.

MECA also provided consulting services to prepare documentation and run an energy model to allow the owner to receive over a $42,200 incentive for using high efficiency HVAC equipment.