Columbia Metropolitan Airport

Project Details

Project was to renovation the existing HVAC systems at the Columbia Airport. MECA provided the HVAC and construction administration engineering design services for the project.

HVAC design included replacing twenty one hot water/chilled water air handlers with 1) new hot water/chilled water air handlers and 2) replace hot water/chilled water handlers with VAV units with hot water reheat, replace one (1) 200 ton glycol chiller, replace two (2) water cooled chillers (250 ton and 325 ton), replace two (2) 300 ton cooling towers, replace two (2) glycol pumps, replace two (2) condenser water pumps, and installing and modifying: control systems connections, chilled water piping, glycol piping, hot water piping, condenser water piping, and insulation of the various piping systems and equipment.

In addition, two new refrigerant ventilation fans were installed. Extensive demolition of existing mechanical components and other related modifications are part of this project.