Prisma Health Parkridge Hospital

Project Details

Project was for a new 232,000 square foot, five-story full-service hospital. The hospital includes an emergency department, radiology department administration areas, surgical suite, labor and delivery, and private rooms. MECA provided HVAC, plumbing, medical gas, fire protection and construction administration engineering design services for the project.

HVAC system includes a central energy plant with (2) 600-ton water cooler. chillers with (2) 250HP steam boilers. System is also designed for future chillers and boiler. Rooftop mounted and indoor central station air handlers provide the conditioned air throughout the hospital. The operating rooms air handler is a custom-built unit to provide low dew point air to each operating room suite. Thermal reheat VAV boxes maintain air change rates and temperature control for all spaces throughout the facility.

Plumbing systems consist of cold-water domestic water distribution system and hot water recirculating distribution system serving the four story patient hospital, a full service kitchen, plus the basement service and mechanical areas. Hot water is generated by semi-instantaneous steam hot water generators. The waste system consists of waste and vent risers throughout the building connected to the site sewer.

The kitchen is primarily served by grease laden piping discharging through a 3000-gallon grease interceptor. The medical gas systems consist of oxygen, carbon dioxide, medical air, nitrogen, nitrous oxide, vacuum, and waste anesthetic gas disposal systems.

The equipment consists of medical air compressors, medical vacuum pumps, a bulk oxygen farm, and automatic manifolds for the remaining gases. The system is broken down through multiple floor valves and zone valves and has a central alarm system plus zone alarm systems.

The hospital has a combination Class I standpipe and wet pipe sprinkler system with protection throughout the building. Dry pipe systems serve the loading docks and ambulance canopy areas. A 1000 gpm electric fire pump in the basement provides water with the distribution through the standpipe system. MECA also provided consulting services to prepare documentation and run an energy model to allow the owner to receive a xxxxx incentive for using high efficiency HVAC equipment.