We understand the complexity of healthcare facilities as well as the patient touch. Our designs incorporate the latest technologies and standards in the healthcare industry while maintaining environmental comfort. Hospitals being big energy consumers and requiring minimal downtime require reliable, innovative designs and experience in the environment.
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We have experience with public and private educational facilities design, both new and renovated.  The design process involves incorporating the latest technologies and ensuring environmental comfort to enhance the learning experience.  Our cost effective designs promote ease of maintenance and long term reliability.
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We have extensive experience on historical projects and thereby have the knowledge base to understand how to go about designing modern systems in a building not built to accept them.  The design in this case needs to be compatible with the original construction of the building yet meet the present system needs.
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Designing mechanical systems for churches requires creative thinking to ensure the systems used to control of the environment does not take away from the spiritual experience.  Environmental comfort in a church needs to be secondary to celebration at hand.
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Higher Education

Private and public university projects alike require designs that enhance the learning experience as well as make the classroom comfortable.  Knowing the culture of the institution is necessary to meet the needs.
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We have practiced sustainable design for over 30 years and draw upon this experience to ensure we exceed government and USGBC requirements. All of our designs for LEED Certified buildings have a demonstrated energy cost savings of 25% or greater.



We use our knowledge of the state and federal government facility guidelines and restrictions to bring together projects that not only meet requirements but introduce new and sustainable concepts in the design.  This is important in that almost all government projects now require some level of LEED certification or preset energy and water savings.
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Commercial / Retail

Each retail/commercial customer has a business plan is mind for their space.  At MECA we work closely with the customer and architect to design our systems that maintain the environment as well as meet the business operational parameters.
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Data Centers

Design of data centers requires not only understanding the technology and the industry but understanding the date center customer.  There are many ways to design a system and a key is to meet the tier level design requirements and gain the approval and confidence of the data center owner.
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