Our Team

We have 7 Engineers of which 4 are registered Professional Engineer’s.
Our PE’s have an average experience level exceeding 25 years.

We are licensed to practice in 11 states, primarily in the Southeast.
Our engineers have extensive experience with the code requirements and
regulatory agencies in these states.

We complement our engineers with 4 Senior Designers, 3 CAD/Revit Operators,
3 Field Specialists, 1 Quality Control Specialist and 2 support staff.
Within our team we also have 2 LEED AP’s, 1 Certified Healthcare Facilities Manager and 1 FE accredited engineer.


Ryan Barber - senior designer / mgr

Matt Biddle - designer

Patsy Boggs - admin

Robert Booth - construction admin (CA)

Mike Bouknight -  senior designer

Phil Claytor - PE

Jerry Colley - CA

Damon Ditch - PE

Jerry Futch - QC

Jeff Howell - PE

Michael Kneece - engineer

Arik Kramer - senior designer

Rick Killian - designer

Brian McDaniel - EIT

Shirley Lindler - admin

Ron Patterson - CA

Donny Pittman - PE

Kevin Stanley - engineer

Jamie Sox - designer

Kenny Sox - CA

Gene Wilson - mgr